When I'm not doing science, I'm frequently doing science illustrations. I am a self-taught artist, specializing in pencil and pen illustrations of astronomical phenomena. I believe that creativity and artistry are fundamental tools of science, education, and public engagement. 


My artwork has been published and showcased in a variety of different venues. I have published sketches in peer-reviewed journals (both for papers by me, and for others). I have provided cover-art for Nature Astronomy. I write and illustrate a recurring "News & Views"-style series for Nature Geoscience entitled "Sketch-Up". I was one of the co-founders, co-organizers, and participants of The Art of Planetary Science—a planetary science themed art show held at the University of Arizona since 2013. I routinely live-sketch science conferences (e.g., LPSC, DPS, AGU). I am also the "resident illustrator" on the New Horizons mission to the Kuiper belt, and am responsible for illustrating new results from the mission.





Snowstorms on Mars

Nature Geoscience 10, 625.

Impact-induced subduction

Nature Geoscience 10, 716.

Southern Ocean mixing

Nature Geoscience 10, 805.

Carbon at continental rifts

Nature Geoscience 10, 886.

Intra-plate volcanism

Nature Geoscience 11, 8.

Catastrophic glacier collapse

Nature Geoscience 11, 87.

Wandering exoplanets
Nature Geoscience, in press.


My notes are colorful. I live-sketch conference proceedings for both my own edification, and for sharing new results with the public on social media. You can find my conference sketches on Twitter. I usually attend DPS, AGU, and LPSC.




Dr. James Tuttle Keane. © 2023 by J.T. Keane, created with

Background image: LRO/LOLA topography of the Moon, visualization by J.T Keane.

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