Dr. James Tuttle Keane

I study the formation and evolution of solar system planets, satellites, and small bodies. My primary focus is on how tides, rotation, and geologic processes interact and shape terrestrial and icy worlds. I employ a combination of analytical and numerical methods, and use a variety of spacecraft-derived datasets, including planetary gravity, topography, and imagery.

Beyond research, I am a scientific illustrator, specializing in pen and pencil illustrations of planetary science and geoscience research. My illustrations have been published in Nature Geoscience and Nature Astronomy, and I am the resident illustrator on the New Horizons science team. You can find my live-sketches of scientific conferences (e.g., LPSC, AGU, DPS) on Twitter.

Dr. James Tuttle Keane. © 2023 by J.T. Keane, created with Wix.com.

Background image: LRO/LOLA topography of the Moon, visualization by J.T Keane.

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